NJ - Wayne Police Exam

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NJ - Wayne Police Exam 

NJ - Wayne Police Exam Study Class - $365.00

Jobs4police.com will be hosting a Study Class for the 2017 Essex County Police Exam which will be given by the New Jersey Chiefs of Police Association in late May or Early June.

Our study course will be held on June 23rd in 2017 at 6pm in Parsippany. 

***To be notified when Wayne Police opens their application period - text the keyword NJPolice to 555888***

The course will teach students everything they need to know in order to be successful on the upcoming exams. The instruction will include detailed and complete study material for each section of the written exam. Our instructors will guide you in how to score high on the written exam. Each student attending the course will be provided with a section-by-section study course binder to study from while in class which contains questions for each question type along with detailed practice examples.

Learn in one day all you need to know. You want the best....come to the best!

Upon registering the location / directions to your class will be mailed to you.  An Instructor will be in contact with you within 24 hours. Study Classes are typically given in groups of 5-6 students.  

Don't let your competition beat you! 

Upon registration for your study class - an instructor will email you to confirm which exam you are taking and to provide you with additional information which includes your class location.


Questions? Call us at 877-391-0861
Hours of Operation - Monday-Friday 9am-7pm EST

*Jobs4police.com is not affiliated with the Wayne Police but rather we do test prep for candidates who wish to prepare for the exam.