Police Fit 4 Life Program

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Police Fit 4 Life Book

Simple Fitness, Simple Nutrition, You Get Results

Get the Ultra Popular Police Fit 4 Life

  • Are you ready?  Time to Get into the Best Shape of Your Life...
  • Complete Guide to Fitness - How to Get into Shape & Stay in Shape
  • Trying to get back into shape? This is the program for you.
  • No complex gym memberships needed
  • Three Awesome Workouts Included in Book - Target Blue, Target Frenzy, & Target Captain Jack - Learn how to use these for success.
  • Learn the game changing concepts of the Base & the Best - two types of conditioning explained by the author that when combined yield steady, consistent results.  Brian T. Deegan explains how to use these to your advantage.
  • Train for a goal, Train to get into shape, Train to get Fit - Police Fit 4 Life
  • Follow the 7 Simple Rules Detailed in the Book and See Results
  • Develop Strength, Endurance, Flexibility & Stamina
  • Book is available via a Downloadable PDF & Printed Book - You Decide
  • ISBN - 9781388304737, Published 2018, 28 Pages.